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We believe that in order for you to grow, you need to rest. Our workshops help women through life stages by strengthening all of their life domains.

We know that sometimes what we need to help ourselves isn't within reach financially - we wanna help.

Every month we give away 1 Registration for each running workshop.

1 is given by application, and 2 are given by our amazing workshop leaders who are the most in tune with their students and know who needs it the most. 

Sometimes, even if you have the money - you must choos esomething else as a priority, or sometimes you don;t even know you need this but someone who is in tune with you does. 

Either way, it's a gift of rest, growth and education.

Applying is Simple

Fill out the form below to apply.

Scholarships are awarded the first Monday of the month and are randomly selected.

For each workshop series there is one scholarship awarded, check out upcoming events here.


Be on the lookout for an email and a text from us with details if you have been chosen.

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