A Guide to Getting Out of Your Funk in 30 Minutes

It's mind over matter.

Here's how to take an off-day and turn it into a productive one.

You feel overwhelmed and life has been kinda shitty lately, or maybe it's just been plain old meh' - that's called a funk my friend. If you're ready to get out of your funk + know it's time, This Step-By-Step guide will have you feeling better in a matter of hours. Mind Over Matter Step 1 - Choose to Level Up Easier said than done? Yes. Yet this is a step often overlooked. So, if you have finally decided to shift your mood, then you have already completed step 1. Realizing that it is up to you to bring up your vibe, and knowing you will be happier and more productive once you have is HUGE. Facts Are Facts Here at RestGrowRepeat, we like to combine science with real world experiences and know that a powerful way to approach moods is to look at our physiology and actively change it. Steps 2 - 4 are physical mood changers, back by science that when done correctly will actually change your body's physiology - so it's guaranteed to work.

Step 2 - Serotonin Pump If you have been feeling a bit off, chances are your serotonin levels are out of whack. Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter which regulates:

  • mood

  • behaviour

  • appetite digestion

  • sleep

  • memory

  • sexual desire

In the Serotonin Pump Exercise you must REMINISCE. This exercise creates Serotonin + reminds your body and brain of it's potential, and that awareness will have you feeling better in just 2 minutes. Set a timer for 2 minutes. If possible, pull up a photo - either from an album, or on social media. If possible, close your eyes. Let your memory take you for a ride until the timer runs out. Now recall a good memory. Where were you? Who were you with? Recall at least one funny moment? Can't think of anything? SERATONIN PUMP PROMPT Think back to a time where you had the most random unplanned day and how fun it was. Can you remember the shenanigans you got into? Can you remember the people you met? What you ate?

Step 3 - Dopamine Pump If you have been feeling angry or unproductive chances are your dopamine levels are out of whack. Dopamine functions both as a hormone and a neurotransmitter which is known as our pleasure hormone:

  • controls emotional responses

  • vital for physical and mental wellbeing

In the Dopamine Pump Exercise you must FORECAST PLEASURE. This exercise creates dopamine + signals to your body that there is hope, and that pleasure spike will have you feeling better in just 3 minutes. Set a timer for 3 minutes. If possible, pull out some wicked markers/pens If possible, make it pretty Create a Bucket List - Big Things you would like to do to fill your soul - until the timer runs out. Can't think of anything? DOPAMINE PUMP PROMPT Think back what would bring you and those around you joy? Create a Summer Bucket List Create a Family Bucket List Create a Travel Bucket List Create a Road Trip Bucket List of places you'd like to hit over a weekend.

Step 4 - Testosterone Pump If you are low on energy, stamina and sex drive this one is for you. Testosterone is the strength hormone and regulates:

  • growth + maintenance of sexual organs

  • libido

  • bone mass

  • fat + weight

  • energy/caloric distribution

In the Testosterone Power-Pose Exercise you must TAKE UP SPACE. This as long as your body takes up space it's a physical cue to your brain to increase the level of testosterone. A testosterone spike will have you feeling like you can take on the world in just 2 minutes. Set a timer for 2 minutes. Stand or sit with your legs hip width apart Roll your shoulders back Relax your neck Then place both hands on your hips Bring your chin up Fix your stair at a corner in the ceiling Stand for until the timer runs out. Step 5 - Oxytocin Pump

If you have been feeling a bit off, chances are your serotonin levels are out of whack. Oxytocin is the cuddle hormone, it's what bonds us to other creatures - it regulates social behaviour. In the Oxytocin Pump Exercise you must Hug/Touch/Connect. This exercise creates Oxytocin and makes you feel good. Any one of the following will work, you'll need a few minutes for this exercise:

  • Give someone a good hug

  • Cuddle with someone

  • Think of a person who makes you laugh, or who you want to cuddle with, even just the thought will produce Oxytocin

Step 6 - Create Endorphins

A quick way to switch your mood is to produce endorphins. Endorphins reduce pain and boost pleasure, this is the final feel good step. In the Create Endorphins Exercise you must MOVE. Get your heart rate pumping and your pituitary gland will produce endorphins, you must have movement for at least 15 minutes. Any one of the following will work, you'll need a few minutes for this final exercise:

  • Dancing to a few songs

  • Walking around the block

  • An actual workout routine

  • A hike

IN SUMMARY Make the choice to have a good attitude about getting yourself back on track. Change the physiology in your body so that you can create the energy your brain needs to keep you out of the funk stage. Complete steps 1 - 6 and you will feel better in just 30 minutes. You have the power to get out of your funk. There may be an underlying issue that has made you feel funky in the first place - but the 1st step towards change is awareness. If you are reading this you are aware. You are willing to choose to realign, and you are willing to do anything to start living again.

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