Do the things that make you feel like yourself.


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AUGUST 16, 2020

You have to rest before you grow.


Our events motivate and guide womxn to hit that reset button and find the clarity, inspiration and community to press forward in their personal growth journey.





We take self-care seriously. 

Our sessions  provide space, prompts and tools so you can re-energize and make rest a priority one you leave.

Create meaningful connections with women at the same stage of womanhood and find support in a community of open-minded women.

Get your creative juices flowing with our creative element.

Each session will provide materials and lessons so you may create freely.

There is always something new to learn about life, the world and yourself. 

Each session will host an industry expert who will guide us to growth.


Self-care workshops that nurture your senses and your soul. 

Hosted in Toronto & accessed worldwide

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